Fillable downloadable Biopsy Request forms now available in PDF format!

Squamous cell carcinoma, lip Formalin-fixed biopsy specimens are processed as soon as they are recieved, and the H&E sections are interpreted the next working day. Special histochemical stains and immunohistochemical stains carry an extra charge for each procedure. Special stains (PAS, Iron, gram, etc) are received the day after they are ordered. Immunohistochemical stains are completed four working days after they are ordered. These stains are requested by the pathologist in cases where correct diagnosis is contingent on them.

Pemphigoid-DIF Another service feature is the use of direct immunofluorescence (DIF) to detect the presence of various inflammatory proteins and to confirm the diagnosis of several mucocutaneous diseases, such as pemphigoid and pemphigus. The tests are done on fresh, unfixed biopsy tissue which have been stored in a special transport medium (a DIF kit including FedEx labels will be sent promptly upon request of the clinician. The transport medium has an expiration date, so long-term storage is not recommended). The tissue is sectioned frozen, sections placed on slides, then tested with five fluorescent proteins. The procedure is performed weekly on several specimens at once.
(Reference - Daniels T, Quadra-White C. Direct immunofluorescence in oral mucosal disease: a diagnostic analysis of 130 cases. Oral Surg 51:38-47, 1981)

Telephone consultations with the pathologists regarding biopsy reports and/or patient management are available Monday through Friday (except holidays) by calling 415-476-4866 . E-mail consultations (including exchange of photo and x-ray attachments) can also be arranged.

Second opinions on microscopic interpretations of tissue previously processed and reported by other laboratories are gladly provided. The clinician should request the outside pathologist to send the slides, blocks, film, and/or other pertinent material directly to: Oral Pathology, Room S-512, 513 Parnassus, University of California, San Francisco, CA 94143-0424 . Barring any necessity of further diagnostic tests, a FAX or telephone report is available one working day after receipt. All materials will be promptly returned.

Bilateral dentigerous cysts, mandibleRadiographic interpretation of jaw lesions is also available upon request at no charge. This opinion will include differential diagnosis and patient management suggestions if requested by the clinician. Please send radiographs to the above address.

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